Ivan Kaye Attached to Series in Development ‘Magician’s Blood’

Ivan has agreed to be attached to an original fantasy series in development titled Magician’s Blood to play the leading role, thereby supporting this ambitious independent project that is described as “Prince of Persia meets Game of Thrones“.

The show invites the audience to an adventure with powerful magicians and mighty warriors, forceful women and slick courtiers, tragic kings, rich politicians, and demonic powers.

Ivan’s character Artat-Sh├ór is the regent minister of the merchant Kingdom of Sakhar, an immigrant of mixed heritage who has been raised by his paternal uncle in the adjacent magician realm of Dashet.

When the mad King of Dashet wages a new war on his neighbour, Artat is forced to set out on a risky mission back to his homeland to face the shadows of his past. Intending to claim his right to supreme power, he has no idea that he will be pushed to his limits and take centre stage at the dawn of a new era beyond the clash of civilizations.

The story explores the meaning of life and death, identity and prejudice, love and family, and the pitfalls of desire.

A German news article with the official announcement from 20th December 2023 and more details can be found on myFanbase.de:


Currently, the plan is to film a proof-of-concept pilot to gain funding for a first season, which is fully mapped out. At least two further seasons with Ivan as the lead could follow, based on existing concepts.

The show was created by Susanne B. Kurz and will be penned by herself and her co-author Felix Leonard Jacob. Jane Sanger is set to direct.