Trailers & Poster for ‘Apocalypse Clown’ & Release Dates (updated)

Wildcard Distribution and Vertigo Releasing have released the first official trailer for Apocalypse Clown and announced a new domestic release date: 1st September for the theatrical release in the UK and Ireland.

After having been released on all major digital platforms in the UK and Ireland in September and October 2023, the international release starts with Germany on February 15th, 2024 on digital platforms, followed by a bi-lingual DVD release on February 29th, 2024.

The North American premiere will be at the Fantasia Film Festival in Québec on 21st July with an additional screening on 23rd July.

A first poster in high definition has been shared on social media as well:

Official Poster

The weekend before, Ivan’s co-star Amy De Bhrún has been interviewed on TV and shared the snippet from the film that has been shown on that occasion on her Instagram page:

Behind-the-scenes photo: